Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why I Started A Blog Today, or When the Great White Death of 2011 Hit

It's been my intention for some time to start a blog.  All the hip librarians from the young to those who have been in the game for some time seem to have one.  Admittedly, I've been feeling a little behind the times, especially since I'm one of the go-to's at my library for technology needs and assistance.  So now, I have a blog.  What spurned my action today of all days was the call from my supervisor at almost 7 am this morning, telling me the library wasn't going to open until noon.  Yes, we've been hit by what some meteorologists have called "The Great White Death" of 2011.

I didn't actually take my supervisor's call, rather I listened to the voicemail she left.  I missed her call because I had been outside with my husband trying to de-ice my car, which in the dark, resembled a vehicle-shaped popsicle that no blasting heaterwould melt.  My husband had to leave for work and I continued to scrape, brush, and scrape...all to no avail.  The ice had already eaten my car.  Frozen but not completely despondent, I went back inside to warm up and finish getting ready for work.  Then I saw my phone had 3 voicemails on it, 2 from my supervisor and 1 from the hubby.

Cut to me finding out I don't have to go to work until noon and my husband got to his workplace safely, and here I am, setting up a blog.  I could be reading my incredibly dry MLS textbooks or cleaning the living room.  However, I consider this activity to have merit as well, especially since the textbooks can wait and the living room will be tackled tomorrow when I'm actually off work.

But then again...if The Great White Death Part Deux hits us this afternoon/this evening like the weather people are talking about in their oh-so excited ways, I could wind up hitting the books early today and more than likely canceling that appointment tomorrow, leaving me time to tackle the housework, more classwork, and probably put up an actual post with content, instead of my blatherings.

Here's to you, oh Winter.

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